Why Us

Why Partner with Green Nudge?

We’ll be with you every step of the way

We don't just dispense our advice - we will be on the ground with you during the event to ensure everything is going to plan. Our hands-on approach allows us to understand the ground issues you face so we can meet your needs better.


We are science and data driven

We are not idealistic although we are driven by ideals. Our work is conducted with research, observations  that we carry out on our own and grounded with data.


We are experienced, with an excellent track record

We have interacted with hundreds of companies, communities and schools, with many repeated engagements. And we care for your goals because your success is our success.


We are locals who understand local needs

Having lived here all our lives, we are familiar with Singapore's unique circumstances. We provide knowledge and solutions that are relevant to the local context.


We have the best interests of the community at heart

We are a social enterprise that prioritises impact over profit. While we are registered as a business, we made that decision to ensure we can be financially viable for the long run. When working with us, know that our priority will be to create the best outcome for you and your communities.


We keep things fresh and interesting

We’ve honed our presentation skills over the years to stay engaging and relevant. Although we emphasize the same core environmental messages, we know how to adapt our tone and content to appeal to different demographics. After all, an interested audience is much more receptive than a bored crowd.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why It’s Time to Go Green

I Work for a Company

Going Green: Good for Nature, Even Better for Your Business

Many businesses are beginning to realise that embracing sustainability isn’t just good for the environment, but benefits the company in the long run. Here are two ways how adopting a sustainable approach makes sense.

Attract and Retain More Customers

Growing consumer awareness of sustainability will mean that businesses supporting such causes will receive greater support. 

  • 83% of global consumers feel it is very important for businesses to be environmentally friendly. – Accenture, 2019

  • 62% of global consumers prefer to deal with businesses that are committed to reducing their environmental impact. – Accenture, 2018

  • Over 50% of consumers worldwide would boycott businesses whose practices harm the environment. – Forbes Magazine, 2019

Enhance Productivity and Raise Staff Morale

Employees of firms that promote sustainability are more likely to feel that what they are doing is meaningful. This motivates them to perform better, leading to higher productivity.

  • 65% of jobseekers and employees worldwide want to work for a sustainable employer.
    – PwC, 2017

  • Companies that prioritise environmental and social concerns have much higher rates of employee engagement. – Wharton School of Business, 2016

  • Companies that follow green practices see a productivity boost of up to 16%. – The Conversation, 2020

I am Involved in Community Work

Improve Wellbeing and Quality of Life

Just as how our actions and choices affect the environment, the health of the environment influences our personal and social wellbeing. 

Weaving green practices and initiatives into social issues can improve the wellbeing of different communities (e.g. the lives of seniors, migrant workers and empowering youths), and ultimately the liveability of our society.

Achieve Cost Savings

The benefits of sustainable communities go beyond the environment. Sustainable and thriving communities cultivates sustainable practices such as reduction of waste, greater energy efficiency, supporting local sustainable businesses, and preserving natural beauty and culture.

The monies saved can be channelled to continue accomplishing your priority - enhancing the quality of life of stakeholders and the community.

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