We have done the ground work and distilled our experiences into bite size modules that help your organisation to build your own green team.

In line with the Singapore Green Plan, we have put together a training programme to groom and support sustainability leaders within the organisations.

Take a look at our Training Catalogue and explore ways to start or scale thriving green communities.

The Green Ambassador

Every organisation and community starts off their sustainability journey at different stages. No matter what stage your community is at, Gren Nudge will work with you and your organisation to progress in your journey


Individuals who have zero or little knowledge or sustainability


  • Understand Singapore’s environmental landscape (including key players in the public, private and people sectors and local initiatives)
  • Meet like-minded individuals within the community
  • Disseminate important sustainability issues and tips to individuals through outreach


Individuals who have basic knowledge and would like to go deeper


  • Develop knowledge and skills including:
  • Implement sustainable community events or workshops
  • Create a green action campaign
  • Assist with sustainability audits
  • Share knowledge with stakeholders
  • Learn the challenges faced in Singapore’s environmental landscape


Individuals who are keen to lead and make a difference within the organisation


  • Lead zero waste and sustainable commuity events
  • Craft proposals to obtain grants to facilitate initiatives
  • Facilitate dialogue sessions and provide feedback to stakeholders
  • Coordinate green initiatives between organisations
  • Carry out talks within their community

To complete the full training programme, participants will have to complete each stage before proceeding onto the next. Our training sessions can span up to 3 years to give your participants ample time to build the skills they need in order to be your Green Ambassadors

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Green Nudge Avatar.

"The Cleanup Toolkit is pretty much everything you'd need for a cleanup, without the hassle of coming up with a checklist. They've packed just about everything such that you could do the cleanup on the very same day! The point-of-contact was also very responsive and accommodating despite me making appointments on very short notice!"

Haizer, Cleanup Toolkit Rental Customer

Green Nudge Avatar.

"The kit was great! Had everything you’ll need for a general beach cleanup. Items were also in good condition and the guide that came along with it was helpful :) Can’t wait to rent again for future cleanups!"

Nikki, Cleanup Toolkit Rental Customer

Green Nudge Avatar.

"The cleanup was very interesting. I learned that trash may not necessarily come from the user of the area, but instead, from neighbouring countries and also villages. I also love how I could find some sea creatures during the cleanup :)"

Raymond, Participant of a Cleanup, Oct 2020

Green Nudge Avatar.

"The toolkit has everything you need, including a mini first aid kit for scrapes and cuts. Recommended for an educational and meaningful day out."

Mel, Cleanup Toolkit Rental Customer

We help you to reach (and green) people's hearts

Because the best people to enable long term change are your people

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