Many of us learn best by doing. That is why we have created workshops with hands-on opportunities to create, learn and reflect. By taking time out from school or work, we provide something different for participants to be meaningfully engaged.

Depending on your requirements, our workshops typically last between 1 hour to 3 hours and are based on different themes. For instance, learn about the impact of plastics and turn soft plastics into functional building blocks through our popular ecobricks workshop; or learn how to convert food waste into compost or cleaning agents for home use with our enzyme creation workshop. 

Guided by instructors, we share simple tips that are applicable beyond the session so as to inculcate long term change in one's habits and lifestyle.

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Project Ecobricks

A continuous project where volunteers collect clean, dry, non-recyclable plastics to be turned into functional furniture. The plastic stools and tables crafted by participants will be used to furnish partner cafés – a resourceful way of minimizing waste and costs as well!

Project Ecobricks

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"As kids we were often told to repurpose our bottles and ice-cream sticks for craft projects, but it wasn't till I grew up that I realized that is not the way to deal with trash being generated! In fact, many people actually BUY these items to craft, which defeats the purpose. Being a participant at Green Nudge's Ecobricks Workshop, I was introduced to Ecobricks and attended one of their workshops. Ecobricks is essentially plastic stuffed into bottles, and these bottles are combined to create furniture. Now this is a repurposed craft project I can get behind, because with making Ecobricks, I am forced to, firstly, be conscious of how much plastic waste I am producing, and secondly, what waste I have generated is used to create something useful to society."

E-hui, Participant at the YOUTHX Ecobricks Workshop, Aug 2019

Green Nudge Avatar.

"This was great! Love the energy of the facilitator."

Participant for an online Fabric Tote Bag Workshop, Sep 2020

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