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"As kids we were often told to repurpose our bottles and ice-cream sticks for craft projects, but it wasn't till I grew up that I realized that is not the way to deal with trash being generated! In fact, many people actually BUY these items to craft, which defeats the purpose. Being a participant at Green Nudge's Ecobricks Workshop, I was introduced to Ecobricks and attended one of their workshops. Ecobricks is essentially plastic stuffed into bottles, and these bottles are combined to create furniture. Now this is a repurposed craft project I can get behind, because with making Ecobricks, I am forced to, firstly, be conscious of how much plastic waste I am producing, and secondly, what waste I have generated is used to create something useful to society."

E-hui, Participant at the YOUTHX Ecobricks Workshop, Aug 2019

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