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We provide a combination of activies and sharing over a period of time as part of our Sustained Engagements service. Click on the services below to find out more

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We Have a Proven Green Track Record

Discover how we have helped in raising awareness and shifting habits to make green the new norm

As of 31 March 2024

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Playing the Long Game

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Pursuing a sustained engagement through a series of activities helps to build strong relationships among your stakeholders - key to getting buy-in and aiding future communication. After all, relationships grow across time.

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Thoughts & Insights


"Throughout the collaboration, the Green Nudge team was attentive and understanding, and their willingness and dedication to make the workshop generative for participants and the industry is not only heard but felt. Their services are clearly bespoke and ensured that the content and output aligned with industry capacities and limitations. Overall, their workshop sessions were fruitful in helping us  understand what we can do to make sustainable art events, and how we can further empower our peers to go hand-in-hand with us to take this step together."

Shireen, Organiser of the Can or Cannot: Making Sustainable Art Events the Norm Workshop,
The Arts House, May - Jun 2021

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