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We believe that people are far more likely to embrace a change if they understand the reason behind the change.

That is why we are keen to share why and what we do through the following:

  • Lunch time talks
  • Hosting dialogues
  • Creating or speaking at panel discussions

Choose from our tried-and-tested topics or get one made from scratch, specifically for your community.

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Online Sharing Now Available!

The pandemic may have put a pause to large group activities, but that has not prevented us from working to promote sustainable behaviour. Instead, we have broadened our engagement to include virtual engagements so that participants can learn from the comfort of their own homes.

We have conducted talks, workshops as well as dialogues via digital platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, and Google Meet, and will continue to provide this as an additional platform going forward. If you are a first time organiser of online talks for your company or community, we will guide you along the way to ensure that you carry out the outreach in a meaningful and impactful manner.

Our Past Event

Speaking engagement at World Bank Youth Summit

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Speaking engagement at World Bank Youth Summit

Green Nudge founder Li Seng was invited to provide his views of green jobs as an upcoming sector in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The session shared how youths could take advantage of the trends to improve their personal and professional development through internships and identified potential job opportunities.

Online Sharing with Chinese Development Assistance Council

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Online Sharing with Chinese Development Assistance Council

One of our favourite sharing so far, we spoke with seniors during the pandemic to update them about sustainability efforts, particularly on greening of edibles and electronic waste. Our presentation turned into conversations where seniors were able to share their views and learn not just about the waste at hand, but also different perspectives from each other.

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