Going green is more than a tagline – it is a lifestyle. We have developed some nifty tips to build up your own green habits. Here’s the first tip: Bookmark this page – we will be adding more resources to this page from time to time!

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Cleanup Rental Toolkit

Looking to organise your own cleanup with friends and family members? Instead of buying these items, consider renting our cleanup toolkit to save on resources!

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Cleanup rental toolkit.


Keen on planning a sustainable event or activity, but don't know where to begin? Here are some specially curated checklists that you can download to get you started!

Coastal Cleanup Checklist

Bringing your family and friends together to organise a cleanup at the beach is both a meaningful and eye-opening experience. To ensure that your cleanup is both smooth and zero-waste, here is our Coastal Cleanup Checklist to guide you!


Green Campus Events Guide

Under our guidance, students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic developed a sustainability checklist to tackle the waste generated at their campus events. They include recommendations for food & beverages, door gifts and communications.

While this checklist is created with students in mind, it can be a useful reference for event organisers from other institutions too!

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Sustainable Caterers

Looking for catering or snack options and wondering how sustainable they are? Fret not, we have done the work so you don’t have to. Check out our spreadsheet of caterers and snacks vendors and decide on your choice of partner.

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Green Conversations is a series of Facebook LIVE discussions where we spoke with individuals within the green or behavioural fields to discuss on typical topics relating to sustainability and startups. Click on our videos to learn more!

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Green Conversations Ep 02 - Knowing Oneself Through Sustainability

Green Conversations Ep 03 - Zooming in on Recycling in Singapore

Green Conversations Ep 04 - Nudge for Green

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