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Life of a Green Nudge Intern: Audrey’s Reflections in Nov 2020

Dec 02, 2020

By Audrey


2 mins


Interested to learn what goes on behind-the-scenes at Green Nudge? Here are some thoughts by Audrey who is on an internship with us through her school’s programme called ‘Quest’. Here is a short account of her weekly experiences during her last month at Green Nudge!

This weekend, Green Nudge had a beach cleanup planned that I was supposed to help facilitate. Unfortunately, because of heavy rain that was expected to go over the island in the forecast, the team made the decision to cancel the cleanup to take extra safety precautions. Situations like this show that it is crucial to keep an open mind and to be ready to make last-minute decisions, even if they are difficult. I am so grateful to be able to learn from the Green Nudge team and see how they handle different circumstances!

Weather forecast from the myENV app at the time of the cleanup

By using social media platforms to post exciting content or updates, companies can reach out to new people and keep old viewers engaged. Before joining Green Nudge, I never realized the amount of effort and detail that has to go into each post to tell a story or send an important message. As I am helping to create content for Green Nudge’s social media, I found that looking back at their old posts is a great way for me to find examples of how to capture the viewers’ attention and write an interesting caption.

Looking back at Green Nudge’s Facebook page

As my internship at Green Nudge ends, I want to express my gratitude for the amazing opportunity this has been. I have learned so much from the Green Nudge team and have been exposed to the many different sides of running a social enterprise. I am also extremely thankful for my supervisors and co-workers for being so supportive of me the entire time and making me feel welcome from the very beginning. No matter the path I take in the future, I am confident that I can apply the many skills I have learned here to help me.

A picture of the mangroves at the Yishun Dam cleanup

An old picture from the Sembawang beach cleanup site survey

On my way to the office!

Audrey has since ended her internship with us. We are glad to have had Audrey on-board to work on a research project with us and are heartened to hear her takeaways during her short stint with us. We wish her all the best and a bright future ahead! 🙂

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