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Boxgreen’s Mushroom Chips

Nov 17, 2020

By Yi Xuan


5 mins


In current times where working from home is the norm, snack time… is any time!

The proliferation of various snack brands from local supermarkets and fancy international brands has certainly provided a greater variety of snack offerings for the regular consumer. In fact, this wider range would serve to bring joy to adults and children alike, foodie or not.

But is this lifestyle healthy and sustainable?

With national obesity a current issue and health taking a front seat as a result of this pandemic, perhaps it’s time for all of us to take a step back and review our personal lifestyle and diet. And with World Vegan Month happening right now in November, why not take this opportunity to start nudging yourself onto a healthier and sustainable path?


There is certainly a wide array of snacks which are healthier alternatives than the ones typically seen online or at the supermarket. Aside from those pushed out from multinational brands with their reduced-fat or lowered calorie counts, what caught the eye was Boxgreen’s Mushroom Chips.


Mushroom. Chips.

Wherever do they come from? A mysterious creature out to change the perceptions of healthy snacking in our society?

Close, except for the bit about the mysterious creature. Introducing Boxgreen, a local startup with a unique offering.

The Company

Initially started in 2014, the founders Andrew and Walter created Boxgreen to support busy individuals to live a healthier and happier life. The journey began when the duo realised that it was difficult to easily find delicious snacks, which were filling and satiating, leading to the creation of Boxgreen, with snacks which are natural, and are free from artificial flavours and colouring.

Already in a league on its own, Boxgreen’s Mushroom Chips take it a step further in terms of offering a healthier alternative, and I am certainly down for that. But before I even take a bite of this curious tidbit, I’ll be taking a look at:

  • The origin
  • Look and feel,
  • Sustainability and
  • Taste

Because this is a chips review.


This local-based brand operates through delivery services on a subscription plan or one-time basis, as well as their own vending machines, which are located at a handful of places. Sourcing their snack ingredients regionally, they work with suppliers and regional farmers to ensure that the quality of their snacks are maintained above a certain level.

Look & Feel

This brand has definitely made a good impression on first look. Featuring a simple graphic design of certain snacks and a label on the front, the packaging is made of recyclable materials, with minimal amount of plastic used, in order to maintain the lifespan of their snacks.

Furthermore, each pack of mushroom chips has a recommended serving size of 2.7 (which of course I did not follow, having shared and demolishing it within moments). Because of that, each pack was resealable, which I suppose was where the plastics were at.


Just from the packaging alone, the brand appears to value at least some level of sustainability, given from its different appearance compared to its commercial, store-bought counterparts. Reading the bag of the packaging, I also realised that the material was apparently recyclable, with a ‘Recycle Me!’ speech bubble located next to the nutrition chart. There was also a note at the back stating that part of its proceeds were donated to the needy.

But I was curious about how far they go with their efforts for sustainability, which led me to their own webpage under the tab “Do Good”. Under that portion of the website, Boxgreen elaborates more on their operations and efforts.

Environmental Sustainability

I realised that there was a reason for working with regional farmers. In their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint from sourcing for snack ingredients, Boxgreen has consciously made the decision to source regionally to reduce their impact on the environment.


First thought? WOW.

The mushroom chips came with a loud crunch (definitely loud enough for ASMR) and was lightly salted. The typically strong mushroom-y taste expected was surprisingly mild, and had a sweet aftertaste. Generally pleasant flavour with an amazing crunch, the mushroom chips have taken a spot as one of my favourite snacks. I can definitely see myself finishing the whole pack if one were to be put in front of me (after I courteously offer to others, of course).

Second thought? Oh No.

Why is that? Well, that is because I can foresee myself buying these in bulk, either from their website, hunting down their vending machines or scouring the shelves of Cold Storage, and trying out their other offerings.

With that said, reading the back of the pack, all the snack ingredients used were much healthier than store-bought chips, free from artificial flavouring and colouring, using only natural ingredients, one-upping its less healthy competitors. A delicious offering with a healthy twist, what’s there not to like?

Overall Remarks

This snack is a godsend. After those days of binging and feeling guilty about it, an amazing alternative has been bestowed upon me, leaving me satiated and feeling good. The prices of these snacks are quite affordable as well, given the quantity per pack.

The company in itself is amazing as well, constantly pushing towards a sustainable business, balancing profit and purpose. A B-Corp Certified corporation, they are using their business as a force for good, which is what we at Green Nudge are hoping that we can work towards as well. Supporting the local communities is their constant, and they work with ex-offenders as well as refugees through various programmes, and offering them a new lease of life through their hiring practices, enabling them to contribute to the community as well as supporting them.

With the intention of changing perceptions that healthy snacking does not equate to bland snacking, the company has now expanded its operations, offering more variety of sweet and savoury alternatives, to make the snacking journey all the more exciting.

So for all those people who enjoy their snacks, why not give this a try?

(It’s really yummy, I’m not telling a lie)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post (unless you want it to be!), but we feel that more people should know about them!

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