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'I can always call Green Nudge home': Edric's Internship Experience

Oct 4, 2021

By Edric Wee


2 min


If I told you that, a young person with no university nor work experience, could help facilitate the making of important internal decisions that would shape the future of an organisation, would you believe me?

I would probably find that hard to believe as well. But when I joined Green Nudge as an Intern 4 months ago, I was merely looking for a way to spend my time before university ‘meaningfully’. Who would have known that I would’ve ended up taking a huge plunge into exploring both what sustainability could mean to me, and what I could mean to sustainability.

Edric, Kimberly and Clare taking part in the Carbon Copy Challenge organised by Temasek Shophouse, where we showcased how we reduce waste through our activities

Other than better understanding how the environmental sustainability landscape is like in Singapore, it was also interesting to observe how people from varying sectors view the concept of sustainability and how they are reacting to recent efforts in sustainable development.

Despite it being my first internship, I was given opportunities to try numerous new things. The nurturing environment assured me that mistakes are nothing but learning points for improvement and to get better at something would mean to try it for the first time. This eased my fear of failure and with better willingness to try meant having more confidence in my work.

With the broad intersectionality of environmental sustainability, the ability to consider opposing perspectives, challenge assumptions and break out of echo chambers is crucial. It is indispensable if we want to develop holistic approaches that are both inclusive and meaningful in enacting change towards an environmentally sustainable nation.

I am grateful for the enriching and surreal experience. As I venture onto my next destination, it's heartwarming to know that I can always call Green Nudge home.

Edric with the Green Nudge team (Photo taken prior to Phase 2 Heightened Alert)

A note from the Green Nudge team:

Edric’s enthusiastic demeanour and positive attitude made it an enjoyable time working together with him. The team is deeply grateful for his contributions to the company and are proud to see him grow into a more confident individual during his short stint with us. We will definitely miss him and we wish him all the best in his studies ahead!

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