Participants in a green event.

Learning journeys provide opportunities for participants to learn about sustainability messages through sight, hear, smell, touch and perhaps even taste. Because they invite participants to explore and discover, learning journeys break away from the usual indoor engagements and are thus regularly sought after.

Suitable for young and adult participants, these sessions starting from 3 hours are excellent ways for experiential learning to take place.

Educate Yourself with Learning Journeys

Sustainability Themes

Experience a half to full day learning journey around an area or neighbourhood that incorporates one or more sustainability themes (e.g. plastic or fabric waste) where experienced facilitators stimulate meaningful discussions among participants with room to explore and reflect. 

Collaborate with Us to Develop a Personalised Alternatives

Green Places of Interest

Understand the problem and learn about local green efforts on-the-ground with an experiential visit to places like a materials recovery facility or a community garden on a rooftop carpark in Singapore!

Our Past Event

Project Ecobricks

A continuous project where volunteers collect clean, dry, non-recyclable plastics to be turned into functional furniture. The plastic stools and tables crafted by participants will be used to furnish partner cafés – a resourceful way of minimizing waste and costs as well!

Project Ecobricks

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