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YSEALI Week Two – A Concept to Remember

Nov 6, 2019

By Li Seng


1 mins


I think one of the most unexpected takeaway so far for this programme was the visit to the African American History Museum. It brought a lot more context for me since I watched “12 Years A Slave” a couple of years ago, and weaved in the evolution of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s not the easiest of all museums to visit but so powerful in sharing.

Most significantly, I like how the captions mentioned the tenacity of the group despite the challenges they had. It’s a lot clearer to me why and how emotions of “being strong”, and concepts of “freedom” are used, because there was literally nothing tangible available to the community. And while my takeaways from this visit broadened my understanding of the struggles that the community had, it also reminded me of the challenges and efforts faced for other groups back home – from migrant workers to minority groups that have yet to progress. It’s always a work in progress, and I would like to see how I can play a part.

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