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The “Bitter” Reality - A Non-Greenie in a Greenie World

Aug 23, 2021

Green Nudge


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Did you know that not all of our team members are passionate about sustainability and the environment? Hear from one of them as she shares her (current) opinions towards the issue.

When I was in primary school, I remember sitting at the dining table with my grandmother, eating the occasional rare sushi that my mum bought for lunch.

My grandmother looked at me and said in Chinese “Is sushi really nice? I don’t understand why you like it”.

With my monkey mind at work, I said “Just like how you don’t understand how I like sushi, I also don’t understand why you like bitter gourd soup”.

For my friends who have not ever tasted bitter gourd soup, just imagine drinking a really bitter soup. It is said that consuming bitter gourd brings many health benefits to you and when that information is passed to grandmothers, you know that they are going to make you drink it.

To me, the issue of sustainability draws many parallels with bitter gourd soup. For those who know me, you will know that while I work in a green social enterprise, the topic of sustainability really bores me. And don’t get me wrong, I do cognitively understand the pressing issues of climate change and the many things that we need to do to slow down the degeneration of the planet. I just have really minimal interest in it; whenever I try to read up more on sustainability and looking at all the beautiful infographics that people put out, my eyes will glaze over and I forget what I read/hear within minutes. Heck, I was so desperate to retain information on sustainability that I even tried watching TED talks on it.

Sustainability as an issue is just how I view the bitter gourd soup. I know that it is important and beneficial but it is such a bitter issue to consume and be interested in. Knowing that time is ticking and that everyone is pointing fingers at each other to take responsibility over the climate, on a personal capacity, I think that life is already really difficult on its own and I find myself asking:

“Do I really have the energy to care about the Earth?”

Precisely because I am aware of my lack of energy in this area, I truly respect and admire people who have a burning passion for sustainability and do all that they can to change their personal habits.

BUT, I have to admit that as I continue to work in a green company, I find myself becoming more aware of the many different types of waste that I generate from the many Grabfood deliveries I got over the heightened alert period. Does this awareness mean that I will change my lifestyle and eating habits? Well, not really. But I can share that when I am in the office where my reusable lunch box is there, I do use it since it is convenient.

In a similar fashion, while I still like sushi, I occasionally do think of the bitter gourd soup that my grandmother cooked for me. Who knows, maybe I will grow to like it in the future. I hope that for those who are like me, try giving bitter gourd soup aka making decisions for sustainability a try too.


Company’s Note:

We would like to commend our team member for sharing her feelings towards sustainability authentically and openly. At Green Nudge, we believe that it is important to have a diversity of people with different perspectives and backgrounds in order to tackle the issue of climate change and waste through behavioural change. We recognise that each individual is on their own journey when it comes to being more environmentally-friendly in their lifestyles. Thus, no matter where they are at or what views they hold, Green Nudge is always here to support in their journey towards sustainability.

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