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Ecobarsg’s Solid Bars

Dec 3, 2020

By Clare


9 mins


This is a sponsored review for Ecobarsg’s solid bars, written by Clare, our marketing and communications associate. As a special treat this Christmas and New Year, Green Nudge and Ecobarsg is offering a 10% discount on all Ecobarsg products using the promo code “GREENCHRISTMAS”. Promotion lasts till 7 Jan 2021. To visit their online shop, click here. Enjoy! 🙂

Over the years, there has been a rise in local zero-waste shops and young soap businesses offering a new range of bar soaps – specifically shampoo, conditioner, and even face bars (!), as eco-friendly alternatives to the mainstream liquid soaps which often come in plastic tubes or bottles.

Yet, when sharing about these new alternatives to family and friends, more often than not, I am met with reservations and skeptics who question their effectiveness and share their concerns on the inconvenience as compared to their tubed or bottled counterparts. Many still seem uncertain to venture into this new wave of bar soaps.

Thus, when Ecobarsg, a young local company that specialises in manufacturing solid bars, slid into our DM on social media, I knew that we could turn this into an opportunity to address these reservations for these (undervalued) little gems.

Whether you are keen to see if solid bars/bar soaps are worth making the transit to OR if you are thinking of trying out Ecobarsg’s solid bars but would like to make a more informed decision before purchasing them, then this review is for you!

So, let’s get to it!

Ecobarsg – Living Up to its Name!

Ecobarsg’s array of shampoo, conditioner, bath and face bars.

Ecobar was founded in the Philippines in 2017, and their vision  is to convince the average consumer to make small changes in their personal lifestyle so as to be more environmentally-conscious (… sounds familiar?). As the sole local distributor of the brand, Ecobarsg offers a variety of products consisting mainly of shampoo, conditioner, bath and face bars in Singapore.

As its name suggests, Ecobar’s bars are as ‘eco’ as it can get! Not only are they made with natural ingredients, they are also vegan (i.e. no animal by-products and animal testing), plastic-free and contain no harsh chemicals (e.g. sulphates, silicones and parabens).

Beyond their environmental mission, Ecobar also gives back to the local community in the Philippines by contributing a certain percentage of their sales, and in-kind, to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) within the region. They have also provided soap donations to poverty-stricken areas within the country that have been badly hit by the recent typhoons.

Breaking Down Each Solid Bar

The set of solid bars I reviewed. (Note: The bars you see in this photo are in sample sizes.)

For this review, I was given the option to choose one bar from each category. They are:

  • Dandruff Control Shampoo Bar
  • Repair and Nourish Conditioner Bar
  • Red Clay Bath Bar
  • Moisture Retention Gentle Face Bar

Please note that the reviews I have written below are based on my own hair and face skin type. What is suitable for me might not be for you. For the purpose of this review, my hair type is wavy and thick in volume, with thin and slightly dry hair strands. My scalp also tends to have a slight oil build-up towards the end of the day. As for my face skin, it falls under the normal/ combination type.

1. Dandruff Control Shampoo Bar

To view the Dandruff Control Shampoo Bar on their website, click here.

At first glance, its dark grey colour catches my attention and I am reminded to look forward to the detoxifying benefits that its charcoal ingredients will bring for my hair. I have been using this for five days straight and I am happy to report that there has not been any dandruff or oil build-up on my scalp! If you were to engage in any sports or outdoor activities, I am confident that this shampoo bar will leave your scalp feeling clean and fresh after each wash.

What I really love about this is its sweet oil fragrance that stays onto my hair (which I have received compliments for!). Due to its clay-like form, however, it does become a little soft after being in contact with water several times. Hence, do remember to keep this bar dry as much as possible after every wash!

Lather video:

Rating: 4/5 stars

Storage Tip: It is always important to keep your solid bars dry in between each wash. Store your bars in either a soap net or leave it on a soap dish with holes that allow water to drain.

Soap net

Silicone soap dish with holes

2. Repair and Nourish Conditioner Bar

To view the Repair and Nourish Conditioner Bar on their website, click here.

When I first pulled this bar out of its box, I was immediately greeted with its strong natural oil scents, recognising the shea butter and coconut oils. I must say, this bright, orange conditioner bar leaves a very pleasant experience. Compact and smooth, this bar surprisingly holds well together after being in contact with water several times.

While it does take a little more time to lather as compared to the other solid bars, this does not become an issue once it is placed in a soap net. As shown in the video below, substantial amounts of the conditioner come off easily after just a few rubs with water.

If you’re skeptical if this bar does the job as typical conditioners, it certainly does! After gently massaging the conditioner onto my hair tips, they become soft and smooth immediately! Would I say that it can tame the coarsest and driest hair types out there? Maybe not. However, if your hair belongs to the normal to slightly dry type like mine, then I would highly recommend you to give this bar a shot! At the end of each rinse, be sure to also expect its strong and pleasant oil fragrance to stay on your hair tips.

Lather video:

Note: Use a soap net for an effective and quick lathering effect!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

3. Red Clay Bath Bar

To view the Red Clay Bath Bar on their website, click here.

When I first touched its clay-like texture, I was wary that the bar might disintegrate when in contact with water after several washes. However, by ensuring that it remains dry after each wash and placing it onto my soap dish, I find that it holds quite well together. Just like other bar soaps, it lathers quickly and can be applied smoothly and gently onto my skin. My skin feels supple, clean, and fresh after every wash! What I really like about this deep peach-coloured bar is its light and fruity fragrance!

Lather video:

Rating: 4/5 stars

4. Moisture Retention Gentle Face Bar

To view the Moisture Retention Gentle Face Bar on their website, click here.

This cream-white bar is solid and very smooth. With just a few rubs onto my wet palms, only a small amount of it was needed to apply fully onto my face (very value for money!). If you are looking for an effective cleansing bar that can leave your face feeling fresh and radiant – this is the one to go for. Just like the bar itself, my face feels really smooth after it is pat dry (try stroking your cheeks gently to feel the effect!).

Despite its name, parts of my face actually tightened a little – making it feel firmer as opposed to feeling ‘moist’ as I thought it would. While my face skin falls under the normal / combination type, I would advise individuals with dry face skin types to try this with caution as it may not give you a very ‘moisturised’ effect as you may hope!

Lather video:

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Storage Tip: Reuse a tin metal or plastic container to store your face bar in. This helps to refrain your bar from getting in contact with any particles or bacteria floating in the air.

I reused a nicely decorated tin container which I found lying around in my house.If you’re looking for metal containers, ensure that it does not rust!

Affordable Pricing

For Ecobarsg, they believe that:

“… (s)ustainability is not just a concept for the affluent, and that eco-friendly alternatives should be affordable for everyone.” – Ecobarsg

With affordable prices ranging from $9.95 – $11.95 (per solid bar), you can be sure that they walk the talk. In comparison to the bars I have seen online, Ecobarsg’s bars are indeed value for money given their quality and size (ranging between ~60 – 110g).

Screenshot taken from Ecobarsg’s website on 30 Nov 2020.

Note: Size isn’t everything! Bear in mind that the main ingredient for most liquid soaps is water, while for solid bars, they are largely packed with the main cleansing and conditioning ingredients.

Raising the (Sustainability) Bar

Not only are Ecobarsg’s solid bars plastic-free, their delivery is too! On their website, Ecobarsg states upfront that no plastic-based poly-mailers or bubble wraps will be used – thus keeping to their values of being low-waste.

To learn more about why solid bars/bar soaps are more eco-friendly than bottled liquid soaps in terms of the carbon footprint generated, click here.

Overall Remarks

On a whole, Ecobarsg’s solid bars have left me with a pleasant and satisfying experience. Not only do they strive to be true to their environmental mission, they also ensure that their bars are effective, are of quality and affordable – making it easy for the average consumer to make the switch. Moreover, their support for the local community in the Philippines shows not just their care for the environment and their customers, but for the people behind their products too.

This holiday season, Green Nudge and Ecobarsg is offering a 10% discount on all Ecobarsg products when you use the promo code “GREENCHRISTMAS” on their website. Promotion lasts till 7 Jan 2021.

If you are thinking of making the switch, this is your chance now. Treat yourself, or even better, nudge your family and friends to make the switch by gifting these eco-friendly solid bars this Christmas and New Year!

Note: This review is a sponsored post. We are independently owned and the opinions that we provide in our reviews are purely our own. For collaborations, email us at

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