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Green Grants for a Greener Singapore

Apr 16, 2022

Rui Qi and Li Seng


3 min


In Singapore, the focus on sustainability and liveability has never been stronger. In a bid to encourage ground up action from the people that benefit the environment, the government, through various agencies, has generously put forth schemes that finance these projects. With increasing corporate support, grants from private companies have also made it easier to obtain funding. Whether you are a student itching to execute an initiative or a company looking to green your operations, there are quite a number of grants here that can help to materialise that vision.

Why apply for a grant?

Put simply, it is seed money for recipients to experiment with an idea. This helps to ease some of the financial constraints especially for certain purchase of equipment. Unlike loans, you do not need to pay back the amount but are expected to create some environmental (or community) impact (and pour hard work into your application) in exchange. These are particularly helpful for community groups and start-ups in rallying resources to execute a project. 

How should I apply for a grant?

Applying for a grant involves a lot of preparatory work including research and proposal writing. Even when awarded, there are conditions and restrictions you need to work with the grant provider (e.g., making clear what the money is used for, conducting post-project evaluations). 

Step 1: Research

Researching for the appropriate grant can be a tedious and daunting process - we totally get it! Hence, we have specially curated a spreadsheet listing more than 30 grants to make things easier for you (visit the link here, or our “Green Guides” page).

Step 2: Plan your grant proposal

Though we cannot apply in your place, we have listed some resources below! Do note that many grants have their own criteria and forms, so look for these before filling up your application. While they may not be specific to Singapore or your target grant, there are still some relevant pointers.

5 Tips for Writing a Good Grant Proposal (By SG Enable and Tote Board)

Successful Grant Proposal Examples: The Ultimate List [in 2022] (Specific to the US context)

Top 20 Tips for Successful Grant Application (Specific to academic research)

If you are trying to build up impact across the medium to long run, articulating a long term plan helps to boost your project / initiative's presence and could support more successful applications in the future.

Step 3: Get a second opinion

Have someone else read through your application, especially to spot any blind spots or clarify your message. A good application is simple to understand but does not miss out the key points, particularly the budget!

Step 4: Submit your application!

Many grants have specific submission timelines and we have personally encountered last minute difficulties during submission and missing the deadline! So make sure you give yourself some time to prepare your submission!

How to use the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is detailed but easy to read. We have divided the grants into three categories – for companies and social enterprises; youth and the community, and for research and innovation. Under the “notes” tab, we have also given a few recommended grants based on our own judgement for those unsure where to start. 

If you have decided to apply for a green grant, we truly applaud you for trying to convert this urban island into a more sustainable one. Even if you are unsuccessful, there is always something to be learned from this arduous process to prepare you for your next attempt - don’t give up!  

Green Nudge wishes you all the best for your grant application!

Disclaimer – the spreadsheet is meant to serve as a guide, so please make sure you understand the nitty gritty details about eligibility, funding, and the application process. While effort has been made to make the list as comprehensive as possible, it is not exhaustive and we encourage you to research for more grants should none catch your eye.

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Image Credit: Nguyen Thu Hoai on Unsplash

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